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CBDCS Investment Ltd expects future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest etc.

CBDCS Investment Ltd is a company that was founded in 2009 by a team of selfless and humanitarians, with decorative prospect towards this community, CBDCS Investment Ltd goal is to help each other grow and we believed that with honesty and trust of our selfless community CBDCS Investment Ltd will take over the empowerment services. Together we will conquer.

Our Approach To Investing

On the ground, global fundamental research is the foundation of our investment approach. Our investment professionals collaborate on detailed fundamental analysis integrating knowledge across regions, sectors and asset classes to arrive at unique insights.

We empower our investment teams to make independent investment decisions, and we support them with global research capabilities and a strong operations infrastructure. This model allows our teams to focus on what we do best.

ESG considerations, including a company’s governance policies and board structure, environmental practices, and labour policies, can affect a security’s valuation and financial performance. Therefore, our investment professional integrate ESG analysis into their research and decision-making processes.

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